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REGISTRATION for Data Protection Act is often ignored by many businesses, especially smaller concerns. But it MUST BE DONE to keep your CCTV system legal.

After you have registered your CCTV system for Data Protection Act, what then? You just go back to the way you were? ...... OH NO!

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The DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 requires that your CCTV system is registered with some exceptions

This might include your CCTV system! You must conform to Data Protection Act law for CCTV systems if you operate a CCTV system in a public place or workplace for the purpose of targeting individuals. No need to worry (we tell you why later).



New elements and significant enhancements to the Data Protection Act took effect on 25 May 2018
GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation
Non compliance with the Data Protection Act after this date can make you liable for warnings, reprimands, corrective orders and in extreme cases colossal fines. The publicity you get for non compliance could be damaging to your business.

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One aspect of GDPR that should concern many users is where hacking takes place. See this article...


(Once there scroll down to 'Europe GDPR Concerns')


Management of a CCTV system to keep within Data Protection Act law needs to have proper checklists, forms, CCTV warning signs and procedures tied together by a CODE OF PRACTICE. Without all of this you might as well not have registered, because you are still not complying with the Act.

We offer a MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that includes all necessary forms and a relevant CCTV SYSTEM CODE OF PRACTICE. That's protection! Protection for you. Protection against falling foul of the law.

Our CCTV Data Management Pack is designed to fit into your existing Quality Standard system, or it can be used alone as a separate Quality System. In either case, using this system will ensure that your recorded CCTV evidence is always likely to be acceptable to the police and Courts of Law, and of course will comply with Data Protection Act for CCTV systemsHere is a sample form....

After all, that is usually the reason for using CCTV, and trying to operate a system without documentation or conforming to all aspects of Data Protection Act Law will inevitably create loopholes for defendants. If you do not have proper records the police will probably not be able to use any of the data that you have recorded, and they will possibly prosecute you too for non compliance.

The official recommended Code of Practice was revised in 2008.

To check the revised Code of Practice for CCTV 2008, with guidance for correct installation and operation procedures, see the Home Office Surveillance Camera Code of Practice HERE.



CCTV Data Management pack - PDF download
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...and if you don't need to register...

Our management pack will still be useful for keeping the necessary records, thus ensuring that any data you collect can be credible, if ever the need for legal action arises.

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Our management pack is designed and formulated by a CCTV systems expert with over 30 years of experience in the UK security field.

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