The contents of the Data Protection pack .

The forms are in PDF format and are versatile so that you can log events whatever your system comprises. For example, whether you have a video recorder, hard drive, cloud storage or some other method for storing your data, the form 'Individual Medium, Tape or CD Record' will be adequate for your needs. 

If the Police require a copy to be made then you will probably supply them with a flash drive or DVD, which is covered in the form 'Evidential Medium, Tape or CD Record'.

Although tapes are rarely used nowadays, they are still covered in the forms to allow for older systems.

The forms listed below each have a specific use, which is explained fully on each form. Each one is a necessary part of your management system.

  • 15 page personalised code of practice

and the following forms.........

  • System Time Check

  • Request For Training

  • Data Protection Act Training Log

  • Authorised Data Processors Log

  • Incident Log

  • Individual Medium,Tape or CD Record

  • Request For Observations

  • Internal Viewing Record

  • Third Party Viewing Record

  • Fault Log

  • Evidential Medium, Tape or CD Record

  • Video Print / Tape / CD Copy Record

  • Tape / CD Destruction Record

  • Data Subject Access Request

  • Specific Criminal Activity log

  • Requirement For Evidence of a Criminal Act

  • Reasons For Not Using Signs

  • Duration of Covert CCTV Surveillance

  • Data Breach Report

The four forms for covert CCTV are unlikely to be used in most cases, since covert CCTV is only permissible in special circumstances.

Some of the above forms are only used occasionally, but nevertheless it is important that they are available should they be needed. 

The Data Breach Report is a new form that is required for GDPR

The law says that you must comply with the Data Protection Act when processing personal data


Make sure your CCTV system conforms to the
Data Protection Act 1998
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