DATA PROTECTION ACT management pack


This is not what you get when you order our

CCTV Data Protection Act management pack....

CCTV DATA PROTECTION ACT LEGAL ADVICE, guidance to keep to the CCTV data protection act law - Click here to see the contents of the pack

In fact you don't get the pack in book form any more, we just give you a link to download it and then you need to print it yourself from the PDF download pages.  We have reduced the original price by more than 50% to allow for this.


You must supply your own binder - you get what is inside - PDF pages with every form you will need to manage your CCTV system, and it has a personalised code of practice that will satisfy the Data Protection inspectors that you know what you are doing when they do their surprise visit.

Naturally you will also need to show them that it is being used!

The CCTV Data Protection Act Code of Practice tells you all of the things that you might need to change to make your CCTV system comply with the Law, like locking your storage media (e.g. DVDs, flash drives, etc.) away, ensuring that unauthorised people cannot see your surveillance images, checking the video recording time and date accuracy, etc.

If you are already doing all that is necessary, the forms we supply will fit into place easily.  If not, they will guide you towards the correct procedures effortlessly.

As well as our pack, we recommend legal CCTV warning signs that describe the purpose of your system, that have on them your own contact name and telephone number. Buy signs direct from the Compliant CCTV Signs Website below.

Compliant CCTV Signs



Management of your CCTV system is a legal requirement
Check the ico website here