When operating most CCTV systems in a public place, all of the following must be put into practice and suitable documentation kept to record the methods used:

  • The installer must check that the system performs correctly
  • If the main recording medium is by video recorder, only good quality tapes must be used
  • The tapes or other medium for recording should not be used after the quality of recorded images has deteriorated
  • Details of camera location, time and date that are recorded should be accurate. Regular time checks are needed and must be recorded
  • Cameras should be situated to capture images relevant to the purpose of the scheme
  • Cameras must be suited to the physical conditions in their location, including adequate lighting and vandal resistance if appropriate
  • Users should assess whether or not to use constant recording according to the purpose of the scheme
  • Cameras should be properly maintained and serviced to ensure clear images are recorded
  • Cameras should be protected from vandalism to ensure that they remain in good working order
  • Faulty cameras must be fixed within a specific time period
  • Images should not be retained for longer than is necessary and should be erased when the period expires
  • Images retained for evidential purposes should be kept in a securely controlled place
  • The operator should ensure that correct documentation is completed for any images that are removed for evidence


Make sure your CCTV system conforms
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The forms that we supply cover all requirements for the above principles

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