Data Protection Act - security of CCTV equipment

CCTV security guidelines for all users to keep within the law


DATA PROTECTION ACT CCTV keeping data & equipment secure

It is vital that any CCTV data that you collect and hold be kept in a secure way, so that outside individuals cannot access it. CCTV security is law. This also applies to staff that are not involved with the CCTV scheme.  CCTV security needs careful consideration.

It is not good enough to allow just anyone to view CCTV images. Each person who is authorised must have proper CCTV security training before they are allowed to handle the data, and their details notedon a training log. Whenever recorded CCTV data is viewed the time and date must be logged and the incident being viewed should be noted.

It is important that CCTV tapes, CDs, DVDs and the CCTV recording machine, or hard-drive be secured so that only those with security clearance can access them. Specially designed security equipment should be obtained for this purpose if necessary, and there must be a system of secure passwords for users. Other means of data storage should also be similarly protected, e.g. cloud storage, flash drives, etc.

Cameras and associated cables, recording devices and other ancillaries of the CCTV system must also be protected against interference, often necessitating anti-vandal housings, lockable boxes and secure areas.

It is also equally important to prohibit members of the public to view any CCTV data unless they go through the correct application procedure, and then only if they are entitled to do so.

All CCTV data held in yor premises MUST be erased in the correct manner after the designated time limit for storing it has expired.

To give credence to your data, proper evidence bags should be used when supplying CCTV media to the Police.

If you operate a digital CCTV system, you will still need to manage video tapes, flash drives, DVDs or CDs correctly. They will be used when making copies of the data for the Police to take away for evidence.

It is no good guessing what is the right way to conform to the Law; you are advised to manage your CCTV system exactly as the Data Protection Act legislation dictates.

Our personalised CCTV management code of practice and the accompanying forms will make it easy for you to adopt the correct method of operation and conform to the law.

If the Police ever need to make use of CCTV data that you have recorded, it could be rendered useless if you have not complied with all of the legal aspects of operating the CCTV system.




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