7 reasons to be happy

  1. Can't be bothered with form filling? We show you how to cut down form filling to a minimum.
  2. Don't understand the law on CCTV? We explain everything, and answer any questions personally.
  3. Don't have a management system? Our Data Pack has all that you need to manage a CCTV system legally.
  4. Haven't got a code of practice? We supply a logical and personalised code of practice that will suit your system.
  5. Don't know what signs are allowed when operating a CCTV system? We will advise you.
  6. Don't know what measures to take for system security? We give you all information you need to legally secure the data and components of the system.
  7. Can't afford the high cost of a management system. The cost is small compared to the fines you might get if you don't have a suitable quality system in place. Obviously you can do your own thing, but since we have spent months studying the legal issues, we suspect that you won't get it right. The problem is that you might think you have done it properly, but when the inspector calls....
so why should you be happy?

We have just solved your problem!

Don't get fined - get legal



Make sure your CCTV system is legal