Legal CCTV signs Data Protection Act



This bit is straightforward, but many people get it wrong.

CCTV signs that you use MUST be individually made to suit YOUR OWN CCTV system to be legal.

It is no good buying off the shelf signs that just tell people that they are being recorded or suchlike. See Data Protection Act - Legal Requirements.

Signs must state purpose of scheme, and (importantly) must give details of Data Protection Act Controller (either person's name or position, or preferably the company's name) together with a contact telephone number or address.

Signs also need to be the right size and situated in appropriate positions to comply with Data Protection Act legal requirements.

If you don't conform to this, your CCTV system is not legal!

Legal CCTV signs are easily obtainable from compliant CCTV Sign makers, such as the one given below.

Beware - not all signs claiming to be compliant for CCTV are actually legal.  Some sign makers either don't know the rules or don't care as long as they can sell you something.

If you are not asked for the Data Controller's name and telephone number, DO NOT BUY!

Compliant CCTV Signs Our recommendation......CCTV signs that comply with the Act



Make sure your CCTV signs are legal
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